Why You Have The Time If You Make It & How To Stop Making Excuses About Your Food Choices

Why You Have The Time If You Make It & How To Stop Making Excuses About Your Food Choices

What’s that you said? You don’t have time to prepare breaky?! HOLD UP!

I’m not good at math (seriously), but all jokes aside, let’s put things into perspective.

This protein chocolate chia pudding takes less than 3 minutes to prepare (& not even 3 minutes at a time!!!). That’s less time than it takes you to do your skincare, brush your teeth, drive to the pharmacy or to the gym. CRAZY, right?!

We don’t find excuses for any of those daily habits yet we always seem to find excuses for why we have no time to prioritize our health or nutrition. Hmmm. We’re all the same. We all do it. But truth is, WE HAVE THE TIME, IF WE MAKE IT.

It takes 1 minute to put the ingredients for the chia pudding into the container. 10 seconds to put it into the fridge. Less than a minute to stir it & add toppings in the morning & 10 more seconds to pop it out of the fridge & take it with you in the car.

CASE IN POINT: my math isn’t so bad & it takes less than 3 minutes! You don’t have to snack mindlessly all morning, skip breakfast or pick up drive thru or caf food; you don’t have to feel stressed, sluggish, brain fog or an inability to focus; you don’t have to think about food all day; you don’t have to binge!

You don’t have to feel or do any or all of those things if you don’t want to but you have to put in that extra time!

Trust me, it’s worth it. Every minute. It takes a bit of planning, prep & most importantly, a constant reminder to yourself that your prep doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s! Don’t compare yourself. Do what works for you & fits with your lifestyle & make it as simple or complicated as you want.


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