How Shifting My Perspective About Food Taught Me To Eat Intuitively

How Shifting My Perspective About Food Taught Me To Eat Intuitively

Since I’ve been eating more protein & having bigger breakys after my fasted workouts, I get hungry for lunch later in the day than usual, so I’ve been a late luncher these days!

A few years & even a few months ago, I would’ve freaked out & been so anxious over not eating at the same times everyday because doing that gave me a sense of control my eating disorder compelled me to seek. Even if obtaining control meant eating when I wasn’t hungry or refraining from eating when I was.

Fast forward to today & it’s crazy how different things are!

I’ve never had such a strong relationship with my body as I do now. This isn’t to say I never have « off » days or moments where I feel tempted to revert to old habits, but most of the time, I’m truly able to listen to my body & feed it properly when it’s hungry & needs fuel!

If you feel stuck & if you can’t even fathom the idea of ever getting there, I want you to know I felt that too. But I proved myself wrong & I did it & if I did, you can too!!

It takes hard work, belief, patience in yourself & your abilities self-talk, mind work & mental strength to fight the voice that often seems a lot more powerful than your mind. But it’s NOT impossible!

Here’s today’s lunch (which I got hungry for at 3PM after eating a big breaky post-workout): collard greens stuffed with organic pumpkin purée, homemade smoked crispy tofu & balsamic & herb lupini beans, chipotle kimchi, cucumber, bell pepper, nutritional yeast & 1/2 an avocado sprinkled with sea salt & black pepper for healthy fats!

Just like a relationship with your partner, a strong relationship with your body & mind isn’t built overnight. In the same way you wouldn’t give up on your partner if it took time to create a solid foundation, don’t give up on yourself!

You’re capable. You don’t have to have a love/hate relationship with food, struggle with food on a daily basis, put yourself down, binge, diminish your strength or feel weak & powerless around food.

You don’t have to live that way if you don’t want to; it takes hard work but you got this!


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