Some of my Key Tips For Coping With Cravings

Some of my Key Tips For Coping With Cravings

No words for the deliciousness of this chocolate protein chia pudding!

If you often crave sweet breakfasts, this is your jam!

Cravings happen to all, are a common response to what we’re going through & can cause the desire to munch on foods we know aren’t the best & we wouldn’t normally eat!

Studies show that cravings happen for different reasons, i.e. emotional attachment, memories, weather, stress, heartbreak, binge & restrict cycles etc.

It’s no secret that ignoring the voice in our head calling for sweets isn’t easy! & it’s also not the best or most strategic thing to do long-term!

Trust me when I say that repressing cravings catches up to you… I’ve been there. Sometimes, it’s worth it to just satisfy it but when you fall into a cycle where cravings aren’t so sporadic anymore, it’s also important to get back in tune with your body & understand why they’re so frequent.

In the moment, although it may seem like the fix will satisfy your needs, giving in can also lead to further cravings, overindulging & sugar addiction.

Here are some of my tips for dealing with cravings:

  • DECONSTRUCT IT: are you craving sugar or are you actually thirsty or hungry? Is it just a momentary desire & are you using food to fill a void? Instead of giving in right away, take a step back & try to comprehend what your body is really telling you & what’ll actually fulfill it. Remember: Emotions lead to cravings for food your body doesn’t actually want or need! Take control of the emotion, feel it & overcome it; don’t use food to numb it.
  • BE MINDFUL: sometimes, simply seeing sweets can make your brain think it wants them but in reality, before seeing it, you had no desire at all! Reassess what your mind & body are telling you & try to control your impulses.
  • GO FOR NATURALLY SWEET FOODS: if you know you have a sweet tooth, keep dried fruit, dark chocolate or homemade treats on hand; it makes it easier to make the better choice for a healthier sweet snack with real ingredients that keep blood sugar in check.
  • YOLO: if the craving is continuous & you keep resisting, allow yourself to enjoy it moderately; when you ignore it nonstop, it can lead to binging!

Hope this helps!



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