Salt Cravings Explained!

Salt Cravings Explained!

If you haven’t tried my homemade flaxseed bread, do yourself a favour & try it! The recipe can be found in this post (with the recipe for my chickpea bread too!).

It’s vegan, grain, sugar, egg, yeast & gluten-free, low carb & toasts perfectly! This AM, I wanted savoury, so I topped it with hummus, nutritional yeast, chili flakes, alfalfa sprouts & fruit with raw cacao powder!

Speaking of savoury, let’s talk about why we get SALT CRAVINGS

  • Salt is actually necessary for survival, electrolyte balance, healthy blood pressure, controlling muscles & maintaining fluid balance.
  • A lack of sodium or imbalance in sodium/potassium levels can actually lead to hyponatremia.

But why do some people crave it more than others?

  • Dehydration: Salt regulates fluid balance & the body needs adequate fluid to function optimally; when levels fall, it fights to re-establish a balance & a salt craving is your body’s message to you to drink more!
  • Electrolyte/mineral deficiency (esp. if you workout; we lose electrolytes through sweat so it’s important to restore magnesium, sodium, calcium & zinc levels).
  • Excessive stress: Cortisol is released by adrenals & regulates blood pressure & the body’s stress response; when stress is excessive, it impairs adrenals’ ability to regulate sodium levels & salt cravings are the body’s way of dealing with the stress.
  • Chronic diarrhea can lead to dehydration & salt cravings to fight the imbalance.
  • PMS
  • Adrenal fatigue/insufficiency
  • Processed salty foods are addictive & trigger the release of dopamine, which motivates us to engage in rewarding behaviour; overtime, tolerance for salty food builds up & we need more to reward ourselves, ergo the addiction & vicious cycle (tastebuds typically crave what we continue to feed them).
  • It’s habit; become aware of your salt habits by cooking without it & taste food before you salt it or cut salt by adding dried herbs instead!

Next time you have a craving, deconstruct it & understand where it’s coming from based on what your body is truly telling you!


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