Why You Shouldn’t Use A “Bad” Weekend As An Excuse To Start The Week Off Wrong

Why You Shouldn’t Use A “Bad” Weekend As An Excuse To Start The Week Off Wrong

Did your weekend not go as well as you envisioned or planned for food or drinking-wise?

If it did, IT’S IN THE PAST!

Don’t use it as an excuse to starve yourself today or to skip breakfast.

In fact, when you restrict food intake excessively, you run the risk of dehydrating your body (which leads to edema, a.k.a. water retention) & forces your body to activate its survival reflexes (a.k.a. fight or flight response system), which makes it hold onto whatever you feed it & makes fat loss a lot more difficult, not to mention, it also affects hormones & digestion.

Excessively restricting food intake because of 1 weekend that didn’t go as you well as you hoped for also opens the door to… BINGING.

Reality is, your body knows exactly what it wants & needs & it communicates with you all day to tell you & expects you to listen!

When you don’t listen &  instead, you try to compensate, your body eventually loses its trust in you & you begin to slowly lose your ability to listen to hunger & fullness cues. This means you can no longer eat intuitively & you run the risk of falling into binge & purge/binge & restrict cycles or food compulsions, where you eat mindlessly & don’t even enjoy it! (To read more about binging, click here & about food compulsions, click here).

Case in point, using a bad week or weekend as an excuse to skimp on the most important meal of the day is counter productive!

When we’re asleep, our bodies go into fasting mode & our digestive system as well as our adrenals “shut down” because the body is in a calm state & isn’t exposed to stressors. When we wake up, it’s important to slowly wake up our organs & bodily systems to ensure that we’re able to absorb nutrients from food & maintain sustained energy levels!

When you starve yourself, you do the exact opposite & it actually SLOWS your metabolism! I know, it’s a lot to absorb, but what it all boils down to is LEAVE THE PAST IN THE PAST & FOCUS ON TODAY!

Today IS your “start somewhere”.

Today IS going to be a better day!

Stop dwelling, start doing & thriving!

You got this!


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