Meal Prep VIBES!

Meal Prep VIBES!

This week’s meal prep is exceptional because for once, I got it all done on Sunday: prep, groceries, wash/cut veggies & clean out the fridge! #winning!

Some was prepped yesterday or a bit earlier in the week it’s freezer-friendly &/or I know it lasts (energy balls, chocolate fudge, roasted veggies, homemade milk & cashew cream.

I know meal prep can be overwhelming for some because it feels like life doesn’t stop & there’s always something else to do BESIDES prep, but if you make the time (legit write it down & make a plan), it’ll change your life, make eating healthy fun & easy & save so much time during the week!

Your meal prep doesn’t have to look like this or like anyone else’s. It has to look like what works for YOU! If that means prepping protein or washing/cutting veggies, do that!

Our meal prep is more intricate because we have different eating preferences. I eat plant-based & my dad & sis like to have chicken & boiled eggs as weekly staples! There’s always a way to make it work & prep a bit of everything for everyone – it’s all about planning & managing time! (If you need help, reach out to me – part of what I offer as a health coach is grocery shopping & meal prep with you in your kitchen!)


  • fennel, daikon & red radish, kale, celery, broccoli, cauli, radicchio & slaw
  • sautéed coconut aminos cabbage
  • roasted butternut squash & sweet potato
  • zucchini noodles
  • vegan blender marinara sauce
  • sugar-free choco-fudge
  • sprouted lentils & brown rice
  • vegan oatmeal flax choco chip cookies
  • vanilla latte & maca caramel energy balls
  • homemade hemp milk
  • organic steel cut oats
  • nut butter stuffed dates
  • cashew cream
  • roasted chicken breast
  • organic free-range boiled eggs
  • raw beets for beet juice & papaya
  • steamed & frozen cauliflower for smoothies
  • homemade vegan grain-free breads (flaxseed bread & chickpea bread!)


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