What You Need To Know About Exercise & Hunger Cues

What You Need To Know About Exercise & Hunger Cues

What should you do if you exercise more & feel hungrier?!


It sounds obvious, but it isn’t always obvious to practice. Trust me, I know.

You don’t have to deprive your body of nourishment because you’re afraid to eat the calories you burned.

I’m not telling you to come home from a workout & eat the fridge, but shift your focus: it’s not so much about the calories burned, but rather it’s about the quality of the workout, how much you challenge yourself, how it made you feel, refuelling the muscles with REAL FOOD & reaping the most benefits from your training. And get this… all of that entails listening to your body if it’s asking you to be fed!

I actually see MORE results when I eat more carbs pre-workout because I have more energy to kill it & more protein after for lean muscle & to promote recovery.

It’s unhealthy to starve your body when it communicates with you & it can actually lead to disordered behaviours around food (restriction, binging & purging).

If your body is hungry & asks for food, listen to it; it’s the sole way you’ll be able to truly reconnect with it & understand your hunger & fullness cues.

Like any relationship, yours with your body is a 2-way street. Cherish that relationship, do your part & put in the work. Your body listens to you when you want to get out of bed, crush a work out, make it to school on time or go out partying. Honour your body & do what’s right for it to be able to do those things & carry you through life.

Feeling hungrier some days or weeks & responding to it doesn’t make you vulnerable, weak or mean that you lack control around food; it happens to everyone! Some weeks, we have more of an appetite & others, we have less. It varies based on the energy we expend, how much we exercise, mood & hormones.

Responding to your body means you’re strong, you honour it & most importantly, that you value the most important relationship in the world: the one with yourself, mind & body & that you make building your body’s trust in you a priority.

Fitness isn’t about the number of calories on a screen & you shouldn’t use it as a mechanism to justify depriving your body of food & fuel. If you are, it’s time to rethink things, reground & re-centre.

The benefits of fitness go far beyond a number that’s very rarely 100% accurate anyway! What’s accurate is your assessment of how it makes you feel!


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