15-Minute Pre-Cardio Blitz Warm-Up

15-Minute Pre-Cardio Blitz Warm-Up

Did this quick & KILLLLLER warm-up yesterday with my sister before our spin class & I loved it so I figured I’d share the love (& give you a killer pre-cardio burn!).

FUN FACT: If one of your goals is to tone up or “shred”, here’s a little tip: your body needs to use stored fat as fuel for exercise. In order to do this, you have to burn off your glycogen stores first (glycogen is the primary energy source for muscles that’s converted by the body when we eat carbs).

By doing weight-training first, you burn the majority of your glycogen stores. Hitting the cardio part of your workout after actually results in you burning more fat, allowing you to reach your toning goals more efficiently!

Before doing this workout, I just want to point out that it’s important to MAKE SURE to listen to your body and take the breaks that you feel you need in between sequences.


  • 15x weighted curtsy lunges (pulse for 3 in your lunge to increase intensity)
  • 15x weighted squats (pulse for 3 in your squat to increase intensity)
  • 15x squat press
    • TO INCREASE INTENSITY: We did each exercise in a row, non-stop & repeated 15x, then repeated the full sequence twice!
  • 15x lunge back, double pulse (with or without weights).
    • Repeat on each side
  • 15x deadlifts with bent over rows (I always go heavier with dead lifts but do what feels right for you!)


  • 15x reach for your toes & crunch (add a weight for more intensity & make sure to engage your core; keep your head & shoulders on the ground if you feel pain or strain in your neck)
  • 15x weighted Russian twists (legs up for more intensity)
  • 15x reverse crunches (lift your legs up, bend your knees & pull them to your chest as you roll your hips off the floor; for more of a challenge, don’t let your butt touch the floor as you come down, keep your core engaged & hands on your sides for support!)
    • REPEAT 3x



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