My Go-To Exfoliation Products

My Go-To Exfoliation Products
Hey babes!
I have a slight (read: severe) obsession! So many common skin concerns (acne/hyper-pigmentation/dark spots/fine lines/premature aging/redness & uneven tone/texture) are traced back to clogged/enlarged pores & that’s usually the result of not enough exfoliation!

You can buy the most expensive skincare, but if you don’t exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells, bacteria, environmental toxins & excess oil, your skincare can’t penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin & do its job right! Exfoliation is key to clear skin, natural glow & preventing the signs of aging.

SUNDAY RILEY GOOD GENES: his is my all-time fave; this lactic acid (AHA) serum gently exfoliates without being abrasive & helps achieve a natural glow from within. I never had bad acne but after years of skin neglect, I had uneven skin tone/texture, redness & dullness & this product changed it all for me! I use it with UFO oil (BHA) to unclog my pores & reduce bacterial buildup OR LUNA RETINOL OIL to boost anti-aging, collagen synthesis, fight inflammation & reduce redness/skin stress.

DR. DENNIS GROSS UNIVERSAL DAILY PEEL PADS: Thanks Dr. G for making exfoliating easy (& lazy!). The simplest chemical exfoliation EVER – a-2 step peel with powerful & gently exfoliating acids, soothing, anti-aging & nourishing ingredients for balanced & radiant skin. They’re already pre-soaked, no masking or mess necessary & the results speak for themselves; skin feels fresh, clean & instantly bright & illuminated. Try the exfoliating moisturizer for similar perks!

SUMMER FRIDAYS OVERTIME MASK: Once you go Summer Fridays, you never go back. I’m obsessed! Non-irritating, clarifying, rinses off easily, skin feels bright, fresh, glowy & so smooth! It’s made with pumpkin enzymes & apricot powder & SMELLS LIKE HEAVEN. Tots recommend if you have dull complexion/clogged pores.

PETER THOMAS ROTH FIRM X PEELING GEL: Wanna see dead skin cells legit FALL off your face? Get this. It made me realize just how much dead skin buildup we have. Made with fruit enzymes, keratinase enzymes, cellulose, it feels nice & cooling, shrinks pores & leaves skin firm, fresh, clean & smooth!


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