Your Life DOESN’T Have To Revolve Around Food

Your Life DOESN’T Have To Revolve Around Food

Do you feel like your life revolves around meal times?

Do you schedule appointments based on your eating schedule?

Do you rush home to eat before a certain time or skip events because you don’t want to eat late?

Do you stop yourself from eating after a PM workout even if you’re famished & you know the right thing to do is to refuel?

Are you so focused on eating just safe foods that you pack them in coolers for trips?

Do you plan & log your meals to a T & freak if you don’t respect the restrictions or you’re missing an ingredient?

Do you get anxious if you don’t eat your meals at the same time, if a work meeting runs long & do you make excuses for why you need to leave so you don’t eat too late?

If any of this seems like an anecdote to you, I want you to know YOU. ARE. NOT. ALONE.

I’ve been there. In ALL those situations & I know, it sucks & hurts.

I was so obsessed with my eating schedule that I did everything in my power to follow the “rules”, even if it meant jeopardizing friendships, relationships, family dins, work meetings & MY SANITY. It got so bad that ALL I thought about was food & after 1 meal, I was already thinking of the next time I was “allowed” to eat.

I lived a life that depicts the opposite of eating intuitively. I lost touch with my body & my hunger & fullness cues. Sometimes, I’d starve. Others, I’d binge & the cycle got so bad that I lost hope because I didn’t see the end.

A few years later, here I am. Listening to my body MOST OF THE TIME (some days are hard & I’m tempted to restrict but I fight it stronger than before) & eating intuitively.

If I’m hungry at 9:30PM, I EAT.

If I have an appointment, I eat before or after.

If I want seconds, I serve myself & I don’t have a food log that stops me or tells me not to.

I don’t have a list of 7 safe foods anymore.

On the contrary, I try new foods all the time. I don’t just eat to eat. I eat with purpose & enjoyment & guess what? I LOVE LIFE!

If I did it, YOU CAN TOO.

But first, you need to trust your body & rebuild its trust in you.

Even if you don’t see the light, it’s there & it’s waiting for YOU to ignite it.


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