Holding Myself Accountable & Opening Up About Yoga

Holding Myself Accountable & Opening Up About Yoga

I’ve done yoga in the past but tonight was the 3rd time I did it with a different & actual intention. I never really understood what people meant when they set intentions for their practice.

I always just went to the class for the heck of it, to say I went to yoga & got some stretching in but rarely did I ever find myself being mindful or connecting with my breath.

My racing thoughts always got in the way & all I could think about was everything I had to deal with when I left those 4 walls. This is why I always said “yoga never worked for me”; I never understood people who said it calmed them down & helped them disconnect because that NEVER happened for me. Until recently.

I’m no where near a yogi or making yoga a huge part of my life because I won’t lie, it’s still REALLY hard for me to get through class without getting distracted or feeling anxious.

But, now when the instructor says to set an intention for my practice, I do & I’m telling you, it works.

Throughout the class, whenever I get distracted, I always bring myself back to my initial intention: with every breath released & every drop of sweat running down my skin, I intend to release any toxicity living within my mind & body, weighing me down, getting in the way of my daily life & inhibiting me on my journey to becoming a better version of myself.

The past few times, I left class feeling better, refreshed, detoxified (literally & figuratively) & slightly destabilized, but in the best possible way. In a way that makes me realize I was actually able to disconnect from LIFE & be with myself, my thoughts & connect with my breath.

For this, I have 2 very special women to thank: Niki & Sabrina, thank you for never giving up on me & making me believe that despite my anxiety, I too, could find in yoga what others always told me it did for them (& what I always wished it could do for me!).

I’m slowly starting to see I’m capable. Stepping out of comfort zones & doing things that scare us is hard, but it’s so worth. It’s where true growth & progress is made.


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