Going COCOnuts For My Go-To Dairy-Free Breaky!

Going COCOnuts For My Go-To Dairy-Free Breaky!

One of the guidelines for my Gut Health Challenge (details here) is to try to avoid conventional dairy & opt for grass-fed or goat milk products, which promote a healthier omega 3:6 ratio, less inflammation, less casein & enhanced nutrient content.

I also encourage you guys to try to cut dairy for a week or alternate 1-day on, 1 off, to see if you notice any patterns in the way you feel when you eat it VS. when you don’t.

Reality is that we don’t realize how good we can possibly feel when we cut certain foods we may have sensitivities to or that cause inflammation when consumed regularly until we actually let ourselves see what life is like without them!

The goal isn’t to make you feel deprived or to force you to cut the foods that make you happy but rather to show you that there are ALWAYS alternatives to the things you love most & often, these alternatives are healthier & better for your gut!

TBH, I never in a million years thought I could stop eating Greek yogurt but then I opened my mind to trying new foods like almond/cashew cream & this cultured coconut milk & I don’t even miss Greek yogurt anymore!

Today’s breaky looks very similar to a traditional yogurt bowl but it actually contains no dairy! The coconut keeps me full & satisfied, contains probiotics, mimics real dairy super well, doesn’t have the same inflammatory properties as dairy & contains ZERO SUGAR!

Here’s what’s in mah bowl & what can be in yours too if you just step outside the box & try something you may not be used to! You know what they say; you’ll never know until you try!

Here’s what’s in my bowl:

  • plain cultured coconut milk
  • strawberry & banana
  • organic cacao nibs
  • organic unsweetened goji berries
  • hemp hearts
  • homemade DIY pumpkin spice



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