Stop Doubting Your Strength RIGHT NOW.

Stop Doubting Your Strength RIGHT NOW.

You’ll never know the power of your mind, the strength of your body & the willpower of your soul unless you let yourself see it.

Years ago, had you told me I’d recover from my anorexia, embark on a journey to living my healthiest & happiest life, find myself & grow into the woman I am today & develop a love for fitness, I’d never believe you.

Little did I know that was the crux of the problem: I had ZERO belief in myself; my eating disorder stripped away every ounce of self-confidence & made me a slave to thoughts, behaviours & rituals I HATED to death but couldn’t let go of, no matter how hard I tried.
On the left, I was fresh into recovery, slowly getting weight restored & trying to find myself in the process. I was lost, confused & went to bed every night wondering if & how I’d make it to tomorrow.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t shut off my racing thoughts. I truly believed I was destined to live with my ED forever & I sadly began to accept that reality. Little did I also know that would dig me into a deeper hole.

With a very strict treatment protocol & a tough team of medical pros, eventually, I became weight restored & got the green light to work out, not necessarily for physical benefits, but to help me find mental stability & strength. I didn’t know what to make of it or how to go about it because TBH, I was scared sh*tless.

How on earth could my tiny skeletal body get through a yoga class, spin or weight training class? I had my doubts but through treatment, I worked a lot on myself & began to see my worth & build my self-esteem & that’s what kept my fight alive. I kept my eye on the prize because I saw the light at the end of the tunnel & finally saw the possibility of a life without ED.

Today, I’ve grown into someone completely different from the emptiness I once felt, mind, body & soul. I built an entirely new life & I’m finally living proof that I’m stronger than ANYTHING or ANYONE that tries to take over my thoughts & control my behaviours & YOU ARE TOO.

The first step is believing in yourself & knowing your worth.


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