My Tips For Choosing Protein, Collagen & Superfood Powders

My Tips For Choosing Protein, Collagen & Superfood Powders
It’s safe to say I’m well-stocked in protein, collagen/bone broth & superfood/green powders; It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for smoothies & adding different powders to all kinds of recipes, like baked or raw treats to bulk them up in terms of vitamin, mineral, nutrient & amino acid/protein content.
But, I don’t just choose my powders blindly! There are some guidelines I follow that have now become almost automatic, to help me choose the healthiest ones that work best for my body & digestion.

Here are some of my PROTEIN/POWDER TIPS:
  • I use vegan sprouted protein; most non-vegan ones contain whey, which causes bloating, digestive discomfort, inflammation & skin issues & doesn’t have many vitamins/minerals. Iron Vegan & Botanica Health are my go-to brands.
  • Vegan protein powders are made of sprouted grains, seeds &/or legumes (high in iron, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, A, K & E, protein, good carbs, zinc, B vitamins, fibre, healthy fats & amino acids, so I get more bang for my buck, easy digestion & no inflammation!)
  • If you have a sensitive digestive system, you may have trouble digesting even vegan fermented protein that’s made with grains/seeds, which is why I absolutely love hemp protein! It’s easier to digest & richer in iron, healthy fats, fibre, zinc, magnesium & B vitamins than most plant-based ones & I haven’t had one episode of bloating or other digestive distress since I started using it. I use Manitoba Harvest unsweetened hemp protein (or the Max Protein version) & sweeten it with pure vanilla/cinnamon.
  • Be mindful of labels; most powders contain gums, natural/artificial flavours, stevia extract & even added sugar. I never use any with added sugar; there are many ways to sweeten smoothies naturally with fruit/healthy ingredients. Natural flavours are hard to avoid, so pick your battles – you can’t win ‘em all, BUT ALWAYS SAY NO TO ARTIFICIAL ONES!
  • If you don’t eat enough greens daily, add chlorella/moringa/matcha or spirulina to get a detoxifying, antioxidant, immunity-boosting fix or get a powder with a blend of greens/sprouts!
  • Collagen, bone broth & beef gelatin are game changers; they’re a 2 in 1 – you get protein, amino acids & collagen (& even hyaluronic acid & probiotics); they boost energy, gut health, immunity, bone strength & muscle recovery & fight aging in all areas of the body & provide a skin/hair/nail beauty boost!
  • Magnesium powder like the one by Natural Calm is great for electrolyte balance, blood pressure control, energy, better sleep, muscle pain & mental clarity!


& ALWAYS REMEMBER: food should be the main source of fuel & nourishment for your body!


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