Medical Medium’s Healing Veggie Broth For The Cold Winter Months

Medical Medium’s Healing Veggie Broth For The Cold Winter Months

How fitting that just as I was writing out what I wanted to make for meal prep this week, Medical Medium posted his healing broth recipe & I figured, what a perfect staple to have on hand for the week with the cold weather creeping up on us & the need for immunity boosting & healing foods!

What’s fun is you can keep the veggies in the broth & have it as a light & nutritious meal if you throw in some protein or you can remove the veggies & sip on it like you would broth!

This soup is basically the epitome of the healing power of the simplest yet most nutritious foods on the planet: veggies & this soup is full of them!

It helps lower blood pressure, promote healthy digestion, reduces bloating/water retention, balances cognitive function, contains tons of antiviral & anti-inflammatory compounds, cleanses the liver, eliminates heavy metals & parasites from the body, strengthens the body’s immune system, improves liver function & keeps skin glowy, hair growing & the body health & thriving!

Head over to Medical Medium’s blog or Instagram account for the full recipe:


You can also turn this soup into a meal by throwing in your fave source of animal/plant-based protein! I loved it with chickpeas & a side of my coconut flour chia crackers!



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