Meal Prep Can Be Simple AF & What You Need To Know About REAL FOOD

Meal Prep Can Be Simple AF & What You Need To Know About REAL FOOD

A simple meal prep doesn’t mean you can’t get it done or that it isn’t done “properly”. Eating healthy doesn’t need to mean complicated fancy recipes. Yes, they’re fun when we have the time but sometimes, we just don’t!

To me, what matters most is having REAL FOOD prepped & ready to throw into meals/smoothies for busy days!

When I say “real food”, the simplest way to describe it is: How far is the food from its original source?

  • Did the food come from a properly raised animal or plant or was it manufactured in a plant or lab?
  • Can you think of a healthier substitute that’s closer to nature & less fake?
  • Are the ingredients listed & if so, can you pronounce them? Is refined sugar one of the top 3?
  • Are you able digest the food easily? Are you noticing patterns?
  • Does the food even need an ingredient label? (fruits & veggies don’t need a label & there’s a reason!)
  • Does the food come in a package &/or have a really long shelf life? This could mean gums, fillers, additives & preservatives are used to artificially prolong its longevity.

These are just a few things to consider when planning what to prep/buy! It’s crazy but modern life & society is CONSUMED by the processed/packaged food industry so much that we lost sight of the simplicity of real food; plants, whole grains, legumes, beans, nuts, seeds, algae, grass-fed animal protein, free-range organic eggs, etc.

I like to compare them to the simple things in life; the ones we forget about & take for granted, that are sitting right in front of us & that for most, are easily accessible, the ones we don’t think twice about & ignore until faced with a situation we can reverse with REAL FOOD; what if we made an effort to not let ourselves get to that point & to go back to our roots (literally) & incorporate more REALNESS into our lives?! 🙏🏼

This week’s spread: oatmeal flax cookies, sautéed ginger veggies, Medical Medium’s healing veggie soup, cassava flour banana bread, frozen cauli for smoothies, steel@cut oats, homemade crackers, fennel, carrots, celery, radish, cauliflower rice, stuffed dates, hemp milk, boiled eggs, hummus & beets for raw beet juice every AM!


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