Healthy Living & How I Budget

Healthy Living & How I Budget

The skincare products, healthy organic food, supplements, workout clothes, gym memberships, makeup, shoes… I bet you’re wondering, how do I afford it all?!

Truth is, I don’t!

On my journey towards living a healthier lifestyle, I’ve made many sacrifices in other areas of my life to be able to afford & invest in things that make me feel my best, add value to my life & have a lasting value when practiced consistently.

I’m so fortunate that sometimes companies ask to collaborate with me or offer to send me products I love but those opportunities are sporadic & I’m always honest when they happen.

Those who know me know I used to be a shopaholic. I’d walk into the mall simply because I was “in the mood to shop” & spend money mindlessly on cute tops, sweaters & shoes I didn’t need.

Now, I rarely go to the mall unless there’s a good deal or I actually need something, even though sometimes I’d like to.

There’s no denying that living a healthy lifestyle is expensive but it’s also the best investment you’ll ever make.

We only have one body & there’s nothing more worthwhile than investing time & money in what actually brings a benefit to my life & makes me feel good & happy. The best part is the value is there to stay.

It was hard to shift my mindset & change the way I live but it was worth it. A purse will never bring me the happiness that feeling good mind, body & soul will.

I still splurge sometimes because I’m human & we all deserve a little retail therapy, but my priorities are elsewhere.

And that’s because I know what it’s like to wake up everyday more unhealthy than I was yesterday & it’s one of the worst feelings in the world.

The power to shift your mindset is in your hands. Most people can’t afford it all & that’s reality.

If you struggle with affording a healthier lifestyle, my advice would be to make a list of priorities in order of importance & try to budget a certain amount per week/month for the things at the top of the list!

You don’t have to buy it all at once; take it slow & as you see your health improve & start to feel better, it’ll be even easier to justify putting the money aside! It’s a learning process but you can’t put a price tag on the results!



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