Latest Obsession: Collard Green Wraps a.k.a. Ah, The Power Of Plants!

Latest Obsession: Collard Green Wraps a.k.a. Ah, The Power Of Plants!

Went HAM with the collard greens this week! I stuffed ‘em with avocado, hummus, salsa, veggies, nutritional yeast, black pepper, alfalfa sprouts, sea salt, cucumber & cherry tomatoes! But you can have so much fun with the toppings that you won’t get sick of them because they’re full of different flavours everyday!

What better opportunity to tell you babes about the benefits of collard greens?

  • great source of glucosinates, which support detoxification by activating detoxification enzymes & regulating their activity & triggering the liver to produce enzymes that block free radical attacks on the body
  • vitamin K & A, B6, E, folate & niacin
  • rich in soluble fibre
  • strong antioxidant properties & anti-inflammatory compounds
  • rich in glutathione, a peptide consisting of 3 amino acids that cleanse the liver, detoxify fat, boost immunity, fight cancer & protect the body from environmental toxins
  • one of the most vitamin C rich foods
  • natural remedy for high blood pressure & reduces bad cholesterol
  • protects health of gut lining by preventing bacterial overgrowth & clinging of bacteria to the stomach wall
  • promotes strong bones
  • great for skin & eye health due to high vitamin A content, known for fighting acne, reducing inflammation & promoting longevity
  • fat-burning food that’s full of iron & keeps muscles functioning properly & burning calories long after a workout

AH, the power of plants! 






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