I Don’t Rely On Food Restriction To Make Me Happy Anymore & I’m So Grateful!

I Don’t Rely On Food Restriction To Make Me Happy Anymore & I’m So Grateful!

How crazy is it that I used to be able to count the foods I let myself eat on one hand?

How crazy is it that my drinks, meals & snacks were to be had at specific times & those times only. No sooner, no later?

How crazy is it that I relied entirely on my ability to make sure I respected these “rules” to feel in control & to be HAPPY?

Yes, that’s right. I relied on food restriction to give me a false sense of what I thought was happiness.

When I took recovery into my own hands, I was SO scared.

I lost my ability to listen to hunger & fullness cues because I ate on a schedule & not when I felt hungry.

I was afraid of what my “new” life would entail; I questioned how I’d find happiness & a sense of control over something other than food. I was roadblocked, stuck between a rock & a hard place because I didn’t have the answers, yet I had to keep moving forward, despite the uncertainty.

It was really hard. But you know what?

Recovery teaches you a lot about yourself & but also, that there are other things in life that can bring peace of mind & joy, other than the control over what goes into your body.

Today, I’m proud to say I can’t even count those things on my 2 hands & feet. Yes, there’s that much to look forward to about life post-recovery & other things can make you REALLY TRULY GENUINELY happy.

What are some of the things that make me happy?

  • My family & friends
  • The community we continue to build together on this platform & the opportunity to share my story & be a voice in a society where mental illness is so stigmatized
  • Health, wellness, nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Education
  • Helping others feel their best
  • Waking up everyday & doing what I am passionate about
  • Writing, reading & blogging
  • Knowing that we can all relate to some degree, despite differences in our experiences
  • Cooking & baking

What makes you happy?



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