Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay.

Amidst the bright & beautiful colours on social media & the smiles on the faces of those around us, let us not forget that there’s a story behind it all.

Let us not forget that what we see is a highlight reel of what people want us to see.

Let us not forget that everyone has a story; some of us choose to share their stories, others prefer to keep it to themselves.

Let us not forget how important it is to be kind to each other because you NEVER know what someone is going through & your words & actions can be a lot more harmful than you think.

Let us not forget that IT’S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY & just because our illness doesn’t show physically, it doesn’t mean it isn’t real, valid or doesn’t exist.

I purposely posted in black & white because I want it to stand out.

While most of my days are filled with colourful photos of healthy food, feelings of peace with myself, acceptance of my mental illness & living my life without letting it occupy too much space, some days are darker.

Thankfully, the dark days are a lot fewer than the good but they still happen & when they do, it hurts & I have a hard time taking my own advice.

Sometimes, I feel like I have to put a face on & pretend I’m okay, even if I’m not. But today, I know better.

I spent a lifetime doing that & it just pushes the emotions down, but it doesn’t make them disappear. They’re still there & pushing them away just delays the explosion… eventually, it all comes crashing down.

I want you to know that if you’re suffering, you don’t have to pretend you aren’t, hide or push your emotions away. You’re not alone.

Sometimes, we’re sad, frustrated & not okay & sometimes, that’s necessary to go forward.

Don’t be fooled: being vulnerable & admitting it doesn’t make you weak; living a life where you project the opposite of what you feel means you aren’t being real with those around you & most importantly, with yourself. I believe that’s even scarier than facing our truths.

Your truth is your truth for a reason. Because it gives you a voice, an opportunity to raise awareness & talk about it & most importantly, because you’re strong enough to overcome it.


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