My Go-To Face Oils For Winter

My Go-To Face Oils For Winter

Dry & cold winter air often leaves skin irritated, flaky, cracked, dehydrated, dull & dry.

Some factors that contribute to these symptoms? Less humidity, the change in temperature & dry indoor temperatures from heaters strip away skin’s protective moisture barrier, thereby reducing its ability to shield itself from toxins & oxidative damage.

All hail hydrating, moisturizing & antioxidant-rich ingredients to lock in skin’s moisture & strengthen its defences!!

Since oils are thicker than serums, it’s best to apply them AFTER to prevent obstruction of the skin’s ability absorbing thinner serums. I apply them last or add a few drops to my moisturizer.

Here are some of my faves:

ARGAN OIL: rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, C & E, squalene & anti-inflammatory fatty acids, it’s moisturizing, restores pH balance, penetrates deep into the skin to deliver nutrients to cells quickly & it’s non-greasy but still so dewy & hydrating! The Josie Maran Argan Milk is even more hydrating because the oil is combined with purified water..

AVOCADO OIL: rich in vitamin E & omega-3 fatty acids, it reduces inflammation & nourishes skin from the inside out, while providing strong antioxidant protection. I love it for around my eye area to de-puff. You can use cold-pressed oil or get the Eco Ideas serum that also contains soothing lavender & verbana; lavender is antiseptic/disinfectant & helps with the absorption of other actives in the skin.

JOJOBA OIL: with a chemical structure similar to the oil our skin naturally produces, jojoba is great for restoring skin’s moisture barrier, oil control, I t’s easily absorbed & doesn’t leave an oily film. It also contains zinc, copper & B-vitamins to help strengthen the skin & fight hormonal breakouts. My DIY serum (on the blog) uses jojoba oil as the carrier for (combined with rose hip oil) & I cannot live without it!

HYALURONIC ACID: hyaluronic acid isn’t an oil but she’s your new BFF this winter; it plumps & smooths the skin, won’t clog pores, holds up to 100x its weight in moisture & it depletes overtime like collagen, so it’s important to replenish it! I love this serum because it also contains niacinamide, vitamin C & probiotics.


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