Lower Body & Mini Ab Workout

Lower Body & Mini Ab Workout

Hey lovies!

Here’s a workout I did with my sister at the gym this week & let me tell you, WE BROKE A HELLA SWEAT.


  1. Banded squat walk around the track (right lead leg), stop at 1st corner & do 10 banded jump squats
  2. Banded squat walk, stop at 2nd corner & repeat jump squats
  3. Vertical banded squat walk, stop at 3rd corner & repeat jump squats
  4. Alternating banded front lunges with kickbacks, stop at 4th corner & repeat jump squats
  5. Rest 1 minute
  6. 20x banded hip thrusts, hold each thrust for 3 secs. at top before bringing your butt back down (don’t let it touch the floor)
  7. 20x side-lying clamshells (10x on each side)

STAIRMASTER (with band): 8 minutes total

  1. 3 min.: Level 10 (1 min.), Level 11 (1 min.), Level 12 (1 min.)
  2. 2 min.: Level 8, banded alternating leg kickbacks (1 min. on each side)
  3. 2 min.: Level 12 – climb sideways to the right (1 min.) & to the left (1 min.)
  4. Last min.: Level 10

BOOTY: We used machines, but if you don’t have access to them, you can do it with your body weight & add bands if you want!

  • 3 sets of each of the following with 20-30 secs. rest in between each
    • 10x glute thrusts, hold thrust for 3-5 seconds at top
    • Leg kickbacks, 10x on each side


  • Repeat 2x on each side
    • 10x Single-leg kickbacks
    • 10x Single leg abductions
    • 10x Step out squat, pulse for 3 & repeat


  • Repeat each set 3x
    • 10x reverse curl, pulse for 5 quickly at top
    • 10x in-out double crunch
    • 10x double pulse sit-ups

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