How To Bounce Back After A Weekend Of Indulgence

How To Bounce Back After A Weekend Of Indulgence

Bouncing back after a weekend of indulgence & foods you’re not used to?

I got you!

SHORT ANSWER: JUST DO IT: 1 weekend won’t make or break you & if you dwell on it as opposed to jumping back into your routine, you’ll make it harder to do so & suddenly 1 weekend turns into 1 week or month! Instead of hating yourself for it, be grateful for the food you enjoyed & the memories you created & move on!

HYDRATE: nothing like the simplest resource on the planet to cleanse organs, detoxify the liver, & fight bloating/headaches/brain fog/nausea; water should be room temperature; ice cold water makes the body work harder & use more energy to convert it to body temperature. Add lemon, apple cider, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, chlorophyll or aloe to help with pH levels, fight inflammation & detoxify.

BLACK CUMIN SEED OIL: when we indulge, we often get into a cycle of craving more of the food we ate, which can lead to blood sugar levels skyrocketing, low energy, fatigue & brain fog; take black cumin seed in the AM to curb cravings & regulate blood sugar.

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES & FENNEL SEEDS: the enzymes help the system produce enzymes that are needed to digest foods you’re not used to, permit more nutrient absorption & detoxification & fennel seeds contain volatile oils to help “things pass more smoothly” 👌🏼.

IN PAIN? HOT COMPRESS/TUMMY MASSAGE: this did wonders for me in recovery when re-feeding with new foods; massage with an essential oil or just with your hands (TMI, but this almost always helped me “go”!).

DANDELION TEA BEFORE BED: soothes digestive discomfort.

MAGNESIUM or L-GLUTAMINE: magnesium helps with muscle contraction in the gut & regulates digestion (great for constipation) & l-glutamine reduces gut permeability & prevents toxins (hello alcohol & processed food) from entering the digestive system.

STOP STRESSING: the gut/mind connection is real & stressing about it only makes things worse by upping cortisol levels, messing with metabolism & adrenals & attaining the digestive system!

PROBIOTICS: to repopulate healthy bacteria & get rid of the bad!



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