Skincare Product Review: Dr. Dennis Gross Exfoliating Moisturizer

Skincare Product Review: Dr. Dennis Gross Exfoliating Moisturizer

As promised, the review is in for the Dr. Dennis Gross ALPHA BETA EXFOLIATING MOISTURIZER.

I got through a full tub of it to the point where I was desperately scraping the bottom because I loved it so much & finally reordered it! I also went a few months without using it as much in the summer because I tend to use less acids in the summer & when I reincorporated it, I saw a world of a difference in the natural glow & clarity of my skin!

It’s oil-free, contains 7 AHA/BHA (including salicylic, lactic & glycolic) & tons of other actives to help unclog & reduce pores, calm hyper-pigmentation & improve skin texture, restore skin’s moisture barrier, promote skin cell turnover & renewal & gently exfoliate the skin. If you’ve ever used the peel pads by Dr. Dennis Gross, this is basically them in moisturizer form!

It also contains squalane, sodium hyaluronate, jasmine, apple, raspberry, apple, sandalwood, lavender, ginger, melon, ceramides & cucumber, to really help the skin maintain its hydration balance, so it’s great if you have dry skin or enlarged pores & a perfect winter moisturizer for all!

What I LOVE most about it:

  • the texture isn’t heavy but it’s still rich & gives you the dewy & glowy effect you’d get from a more oil-based moisturizer with NO oil or grease
  • it absorbs into the skin quickly & super well, not to mention a little goes a long way so although it’s expensive, you’re getting your money’s worth
  • my skin feels so soft, smooth & supple after I apply it & overtime, the overall texture & clarity of my skin has improved with consistent use
  • smells fresh & feels great in the morning
  • makeup layers over it seamlessly, so I love using it in the AM because it brightens my skin & makes for a great base for tinted moisturizer/foundation

If I could rate it an 11/10, I would! It’s totally worth the investment & has made a huge difference in the texture & clarity of my skin, not to mention my dark spots under my eyes are a lot more tamed!

You can get it at Sephora! Happy exfoliating, xx!


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