Maca Chocolate Chia Pudding

Maca Chocolate Chia Pudding

I can’t even begin to tell you guys how excited I am that I can finally use maca again! Turns out the issues I was having were because I was eating it raw as opposed to gelatinized! Now that I switched over to gelatinized maca, I feel amazing! No more racing heart or jitters!

This chia pudding is maca chocolate heaven! I used a maca chocolate powder blend by Organika, made with just organic maca & cacao & threw this overnight breaky together in 2 minutes! It’s delicious, energy-boosting, great for skin & hormone health, full of fibre, healthy anti-inflammatory fats, plant protein & natural sweetness from vanilla!

So creamy, thick, satisfying, delicious & nutritious! It makes for a perfect pre workout breaky that doesn’t feel heavy but fills you up & you can even take it on the go super easily!


  • 3 tbsp. organic chia seeds
  • 1 cup plant-based milk
  • 1 tsp. pure organic vanilla extract or maple syrup/honey/yacon syrup
  • 1 tsp. Organika maca chocolate blend OR 1/2 tsp. gelatinized maca & 1/2 tsp. raw cacao powder
  • Toppings: I used berries, organic dried mulberries & ceylon cinnamon


  • Add the chia pudding ingredients to a glass container or jar & mix until combined.


  • Cover & refrigerate overnight to thicken.


  • In the AM, stir & add toppings!
  • Enjoy!


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