Gimme All The Carbs & Why I Believe In Them If You Eat The Right Ones!

Gimme All The Carbs & Why I Believe In Them If You Eat The Right Ones!

Gimme all the carbs & protein please!

Here’s some lunch inspiration: Ezekiel sprouted bread with homemade hummus, smoked onion non-GMO tempeh, avocado, chilli powder, parsley, vegan Parmesan  blend & chipotle kimchi for probiotics!

Yes, I eat a lot of carbs & contrary to some of the info out there, I believe we all need them! WHY?

For starters, cutting them entirely can lead to a risk of nutrient deficiency, make it hard to get enough fibre, increase intake of saturated fat & take a toll on the liver (since you naturally replace carbs with high-fat sources of protein) & if done consistently, cna actually lead to the body going into a state of ketosis which can also lead to headaches, weakness, nausea, dehydration & irritability!

If you consume more calories than you burn, you’ll gain weight (“calories in, calories out” mentality), no matter what you’re eating. Cutting carbs or fat doesn’t necessarily mean cutting calories if you’re replacing them with other foods with the same # of calories!

It’s important to understand that not all carbs are created equal; yes, you should avoid simple, refined processed ones that provide no nutrition, cause spikes in blood sugar, energy depletion & fuel sugar addiction but you should eat complex carbs, rich in vitamins, minerals & nutrients (iron, B-vitamins zinc & fibre (hello digestive health!) that provide sustained energy.

Carbs don’t make you fat; any food can lead to weight gain if you overeat, even healthy food; complex carbs also contain lots of fibre which adds bulk to meals, keeps you full & promotes a healthy weight, so if you eat the right carbs, it can actually do quite the opposite!

Carbs, fats & protein all provide energy but exercising muscles rely on carbs as their main source of fuel; muscles have limited glycogen stores, which need to be replenished to keep energy levels sustained, prevent fatigue & promote quick recovery!

There are 3 macros that are vital to human life for a reason: we need a healthy balance of all 3 & I don’t believe in cutting any of them out entirely – it’s not so much about cutting them out as it is about choosing the RIGHT REAL FOOD that provides them!



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