Confidence & Why We All Need To Stop Guilting Ourselves

Confidence & Why We All Need To Stop Guilting Ourselves

The most beautiful thing anyone can wear is CONFIDENCE & guess what?! It’s free! It costs nothing but requires just as much hard work (if not more) as anything else you decide to commit to & invest your time in.

I struggled with self-confidence my whole life & I learned the hard way that neglecting myself & not working to build my self-esteem eventually catches up to you & takes a huge toll on the way you perceive yourself & in turn, on the energy you put out & radiate in your relationships with others, day to day habits & work.

I spent so many years throwing pity parties for myself. Feeling bad & guilty for all the things I didn’t do, I couldn’t do or dwelling on the things I could’ve done better for myself & others & I still find myself doing it sometimes.

Whether it’s a workout I don’t attend because I feel sore, a family member I’m not there for enough, work I don’t get done or not being able to please everyone. I think we’ve all been there & each pity party threw me deeper into a life where I was NOT happy, content or comfortable with myself or in my skin, mind & body.

Nothing I did was ever enough & I pushed myself so hard that I burnt out & reached rock bottom.

Finding my way out meant stopping to guilt myself for the things I didn’t or couldn’t accomplish & rather acknowledging all the good I did & could do, stopping to compare myself to anyone else’s success, showing my mind & body the love & kindness it deserves & recognizing that even though I’ve come a long way, I’ll still slip up & that’s okay.

Nobody’s perfect & that shouldn’t be our goal.

Focus on building yourself up everyday, feed your mind with positive thoughts. Stop to reflect when you have to. Be grateful for what you have, who you are & what you’ve accomplished & use your setbacks as an opportunity to grow & build UPWARDS, not down.

And most importantly, WEAR YOUR CONFIDENCE, SMILE & be proud of yourself because wherever you are today, you’ve come farther than where you were yesterday.


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