Bio-Individuality, Holistic Health & Why You Need To Do More YOU!

Bio-Individuality, Holistic Health & Why You Need To Do More YOU!


We’re all unique, unique in our bodies, minds & souls. Recognizing & honouring our uniqueness in a world where EVERYONE wants to look, be & act the same, is KEY to health & happiness.

Simply put, what works for you may not work for me & there’s no one size fits all definition to health, balance & happiness.

Maybe your food choices are different than your husband’s or maybe you don’t tolerate dairy but your BFF thrives with it as part of her diet.

Maybe you have more energy with a big breaky pre-workout or maybe you tried going plant-based but you noticed you felt better when eating animal protein.

Maybe you catch yourself mimicking others’ food choices because they say “it’s the best thing ever”. But always remember: one person’s food is another person’s poison.

Your body is the only one you have & it’s SO important to nourish it in the way that keeps you feeling your best.

There’s no one clear-cut way to eat healthy & let’s be honest,all the information about food, supplements, fitness & holistic remedies can be overwhelming.

Practicing bio-individuality helps you realize that you must do what’s right for YOU, irrespective of others.

It isn’t only about food.

It’s about primary food too: relationships, career, exercise, spirituality & mental health.

Stay in relationships that are meaningful because they’re strong, positive & healthy & make you feel good. What you define as a healthy relationship might be different than someone else’s definition. Who cares!

Find a career that fulfills you mentally & emotionally, you love & are passionate about & makes you excited to wake up & go to work.

Find a fitness routine that works for YOU, makes you feel best & gives you the mental & physical results YOU seek from exercise.

Take care of your mental health in so that you feel most stable & in control of your thoughts. If that’s CBD, good. If it’s yoga, meditation, being in nature or prescribed medication, great!

It all boils down to setting aside fat diets, letting go of outside influence & doing you, following your instinct & being open minded to new things because trial & error is key & committing to doing what makes YOU feel healthy, happy, alive & thriving.


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