Product Review: IGK Hair Low Key Cleansing Walnut Scrub Hair Mask

Product Review: IGK Hair Low Key Cleansing Walnut Scrub Hair Mask

I originally bought this mask after a trip in Punta Cana. I got so burnt that my scalp was so itchy & started to peel & flake, leaving my hair full of little dead skin particles & I was NOT happy to say the least!

I went on a hunt for a hair mask to help reduce the peeling & came across this one made with silica, coconut water, vanilla, walnut oil, apple cider vinegar & sugar.

The walnut oil hydrates & nourishes the scalp with fatty acids, while apple cider detoxifies, clarifies, soothes & restores a healthy pH & sugar gently exfoliates dry flaky scalp, removes dandruff & deep cleanses.


  • It helped so much with my flaky scalp, soothed the itchiness & slowly but surely, I became obsessed with how well it nourished & hydrated my scalp & I haven’t stopped using it since!
  • My hair also stays cleaner longer when I use it.
  • If you use lots of product, hairspray & dry shampoo or have bad dandruff, this mask will help to get rid of it!
  • it leaves me feeling so clean (bonus: it contains mint so it really gives you a fresh feel).

I use it pre-conditioner! The only downside is I find it a bit hard to use since I have long hair. What works for me is to flip my head upside down & rub it into my scalp to make sure I really get it in there!

Healthy, thick & silky hair starts with a strong & well-nourished hair follicle so I truly believe that this hair mask could do everyone some good & I highly recommend it! Get it at Sephora.


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