Food For Thought: How Many Times Has Your Mind Messed With You?

Food For Thought: How Many Times Has Your Mind Messed With You?

How many times has your mind messed with you when it comes to food?

This morning, as I spread the almond butter on my toast, my mind started… “Kelly, you just had almond butter yesterday, maybe you should just have jam today”.

If you ever suffered from an eating disorder or had a disordered relationship with food, you must know all too well that it tries to creep into your life every now & then.

I like to see that creeping as a reminder not of my inability to resist giving in or a sign of weakness or vulnerability but rather as a reminder of how far I’ve come & how strong I am. It’s almost like every reminder is a test to keep me in line with recovery.

Even if you never suffered from an ED, I think we’re all guilty of experiencing similar thoughts & that’s because we’re human!

When I feel those thoughts coming on, I fight back & challenge them. I don’t give in or repress them.

Why can’t I have the almond butter if that’s what my body wants?

Who cares if I had it yesterday?

Which authority says I can’t have it 2 days in a row & who am I really giving that authority or control over me to anyway?

Why shouldn’t I honour my body & listen to it?

Won’t depriving my body of what it wants lead to cravings & throw me into a vicious cycle of binging & restriction?

The answer to these questions is obvious, but sometimes, getting over the thoughts isn’t. But as you heal your relationship with food, it gets easier to listen to your body & NOT your thoughts.

I can have the almond butter if I want it.

I can have it 2 days in a row.

Nothing & nobody has control or authority over what I nourish my body with.

My body is my haven & carries me through life & I should honour it everyday.

Depriving myself of the foods I love will only lead to unhealthy eating habits & disordered patterns in the long-run & take it from me when I say… it’s not a life!

All this to say, if you want the almond butter, the cookie or chocolate, HAVE IT.

You are the master of your thoughts & they only have control over you if you HAND IT to them.

Rise above them & please, be kind to your body – you wouldn’t be here without it.


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