What’s A Fear Food Anyway?

What’s A Fear Food Anyway?

Today, I look at this smoothie & I’m like “GIMME SOME”, but it wasn’t always the case.

There was once a time where a protein shake scared me so much that being told I had to eat it gave me panic attacks & made me cry. That’s what a FEAR FOOD does to you.

Not only does it take away every ounce of enjoyment you once got from food but it scares you so much that instead of facing it head strong, you just deprive yourself. You think it’s 1 food. 2 foods. 3 foods. But then it’s entire food groups & slowly but surely, the “safe” list is narrowed down to just 5 or 6 foods & that’s literally ALL you eat.

I was so compulsively obsessed with my safe foods I’d run from store to store until I found them & I didn’t care if the fruit was in season or overpriced. I would NEVER buy a different brand or variety. I could never do anything different. Because different meant I was doing something wrong.

So how do you get over fear foods?

  • make a list of your fear foods starting with least to most challenging & start facing them from the bottom & making your way up
  • expose yourself to the same fear food many times before moving to the next – it’s not a race – move on when you feel ready & the anxiety around the food starts to dissipate
  • pair challenging foods with less challenging ones instead of pinning yourself up vs. the fear food alone
  • reflect on post-meal feelings & reactions – are you compensating with movement or engaging in purgatory or restrictive behaviours?
  • read about why the new foods you incorporate are healthy & drop the “good” & “bad” food label mentality
  • rely on your support system when you need extra motivation & love
  • practice self-compassion & remind yourself how strong & brave you are
  • know that it’s okay to feel scared – it’s human & recovery isn’t supposed to be comfortable or easy
  • focus on the final goal & the beauty of life that awaits you post recovery
  • don’t push yourself too quickly, go slow & let your mind & body ease into it
  • converse with & get to know yourself & sometimes, you’ll have to muster up the strength to tell the disordered thoughts to peace out!!


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