Why Sometimes You Have To Do What’s Best For YOUR Health Condition!

Why Sometimes You Have To Do What’s Best For YOUR Health Condition!

A very important philosophy that I live by when it comes to health is the importance of shifting the focus away from JUST weight loss & highlighting feeling good & healthy.

All of our bodies have a set-point, which is the weight range where our body is programmed to function optimally & our body naturally strives to reach & maintain it.

When you eat to nourish your body from the inside out & with your health condition in mind, without being so preoccupied with numbers & calories, you learn to eat intuitively, to eat enough to feel energized & be healthy & to stop using food as a security blanket, or as a vehicle for control &/or compulsion.

I was talking to someone yesterday who finds it hard to eat healthy; he feels like holidays, events & life always get in the way. He wants to lose weight but also has health conditions that need special attention & can be improved & reversed through proper diet & healthy choices. But he feels discouraged & overwhelmed.


You don’t.

It’s a process & takes time & effort, but what matters is that you know that you CAN do it & that that’s the positivity you feed your mind with.

The way I see it is: If we keep making excuses for why we can’t do it, our mind believes it & we make it harder for ourselves. Your mind believes EVERYTHING you tell it & this is why living healthy seems so hard to so many of us… because we’re fuelling our minds with the wrong thoughts!

If you were allergic to peanuts &  you were at a party where the dessert was made with peanut butter, you wouldn’t eat it cause you’d have an allergic reaction, right? The same goes for health conditions for which we may not see a reaction right away but that are  highly impacted by our food choices.

Take someone who’s diabetic; he may not feel a sugar spike instantly, sense an inflammatory response or feel the effect on the pancreas if he eats refined sugar. But truth is, it accumulates.

Don’t feed your mind with thoughts that you can’t work around your condition or that you can’t not eat the refined sugar if everyone else is. Sometimes, we have to find ways AROUND the holidays & events that work to fit OUR lifestyle & health condition.

Indulging is NORMAL & it’s because we’re all human but when the occasional indulgence turns into consistent excuses, that’s when the accumulation of unhealthy habits turns into a vicious cycle. You have the power to not let that happen. It doesn’t mean you have to stop living. It just means working around situations to do what makes you feel best!


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