Why I Rely On Discipline More Than Motivation & This Week’s #MealPrepSpread

Why I Rely On Discipline More Than Motivation & This Week’s #MealPrepSpread

I’m usually SO excited & enthusiastic about meal prep every Sunday.

But this week, I got home after the longest morning EVER & TBH, I really had ZERO motivation to meal prep. I felt like doing it like a hole in the head & I was about to be like “meh, screw it, I’ll just prep my meals throughout the week”.

But, I also knew how grateful I’d be this week if it was already done, so I made myself a smoothie, got off my butt & did it!

This is what I mean when I say that motivation is KEY, but it’s not everything!

Motivation is a trigger of habit, whereas self-discipline is essential to making that habit last long-term. You can be the most motivated person but we all have those days where we’re just not feeling it, whether it be meal prep, going to the gym, paying attention in class, a big work meeting, cooking dinner for the family or showing up to an event.

Self-discipline is what keeps your eye on the prize when motivation wavers. Truth is, you need both to successfully commit to & accomplish your goals!

So here’s today’s meal prep spread, COURTESY OF SELF-DISCIPLINE (& most certainly not motivation):

🌽 boiled organic corn
💕fresh radish & celery
🍃 sautéed garlicky green beans
😍 nut/seed butter stuffed dates
🥗 quinoa, lentil & mint salad
🍗 pan-seared chicken
🍗 peanut butter chicken
🍪 my chewiest almond flour cookies ever (recipe on the blog)
🍃 sprouted green lentils
🎃vegan pumpkin spice protein balls
🍅 spicy tomato jam
🥣 homemade hazelnut granola
🍌 leftover hazelnut chocolate banana bread
🎃 DIY pumpkin spice
💪🏼Simply Protein bars
🍃fresh greens for freezing for smoothies
🍴Steel cut oats
🥚 boiled free-range organic eggs


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