Product Review: Summer Fridays Overtime Mask

Product Review: Summer Fridays Overtime Mask

I think you guys already know I’m OBSESSED with this mask! I used it 3x & I’m literally in “can’t stop, won’t stop” mode with it, not to mention it smells like fall & pumpkin spiced lattes!

I’m usually not a fan of masks that have exfoliating beads because my skin tends to get irritated & red, but this one is actually so gentle & not abrasive at all. It rinses off super easily with just warm water & leaves my skin feeling instantly refreshed, glowy, clearer & SO SMOOTH come morning! It’s incredible.

A lot of you asked me to compare it to an old time fave, the Peter Thomas Roth FirmX Peeling Gel! Its a really tough call because I absolutely love both & they’re pretty different.

The PTR mask is a peeling gel made with fruit enzymes (pineapple, pomegranate) & keratinase that literally VISIBLY sweeps away dead skin cells (like you legit see them as they peel away), whereas this one also exfoliates but has the added benefit of being more of a clarifying mask that also uses fruit (pumpkin enzymes & apricot powder) but on a bit of a deeper level.

If you have uneven skin tone/texture, dull complexion or really clogged pores, I’d opt for the Summer Fridays mask because after 3 uses, I already see a difference in the overall brightness, texture & clarity of my skin. I’ll be switching back & forth between the 2 but this one just has my heart RN because it’s perfect for fall, I’m loving the results & it’s something new & exciting in my routine!

Get it Sephora! Seriously, get it!


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