Why You Should Make Your Own Cereal Bowls (& They Taste Even Better!)

Why You Should Make Your Own Cereal Bowls (& They Taste Even Better!)

I’ve been loving making healthier cereal bowls, number one because it’s fun & they’re different every time & number two, because they’re also a lot healthier!

Reality is, most cereals on the market aren’t all that good for us, irrespective of the slogans & eye catching phrases on the boxes & sadly, many of them have recently been found to be laden with glyphosate, a chemical compound found in weed killer that’s carcinogenic and used by food companies to hasten growth, to enable them to kill weeds without killing off their crops, boost supply, thereby producing more, but at the cost of OUR HEALTH.

Not to mention, most of them contain added sugars/syrups, GMO corn syrup, flour & starch, refined honey, white sugar, wheat dextrin, molasses, natural flavours, GMO soy, gums & fillers, dried cane syrup, corn & barley malt extract, food colouring, BHT (a preservative), table salt, maltodextrin, sugar poly alcohols (a way for companies to get away with labelling the product as “low sugar” when really it is full of chemicals!) & added fortified vitamins & minerals (a.k.a. not the real deal).

So about those low-fat, low-sugar, sugar-free, organic, “natural”, “healthier than…”, “50% less sugar/fat than…”, vegan, gluten-free labels on the front of the package; most of the time, they’re total BS! Turn the package around & read the ingredients list – it tells you a whole different story & really allows you to determine HOW the quality of ingredients in the food will affect you as opposed to focusing on calories & grams of fat.

My cereal bowls on the other hand… are just as delish, more nutritious & energizing, good for the gut, don’t cause spikes & dips in blood sugar, full of REAL vitamins & minerals, no added refined sugars, clean ingredients, no gums, no table salt, no genetically modified ingredients… just REAL FOOD!

Here’s just one of my many creations…this morning’s deliciousness was banana, blackberries, homemade hazelnut milk, Ceylon cinnamon, a homemade espresso hazelnut popper (recipe here), Granolust mocha chocolate crunch granola & organic dried unsweetened goji berries!

Now that’s a breaky for champions if I do say so myself!



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