Let’s Get Personal: My Shower Care Routine a.k.a. Keepin’ It PG!

Let’s Get Personal: My Shower Care Routine a.k.a. Keepin’ It PG!

Let’s get personal (but keep it PG) with MY SHOWER ROUTINE!

ATIVO SKINCARE SHAMPOO: Made with chamomile, aloe, shea butter, ginkgo & green tea, it repairs, nourishes, hydrates & strengthens hair & makes it shiny & soft! I also find my hair gets greasy less quickly (I only wash in 1-2x/wk). It’s pH balanced, contains no harmful ingredients & is not tested on animals!

LOW-KEY IGK HAIR MASK: I use it pre-conditioner: I massage it into my scalp starting at the hairline until the exfoliants melt away & then rinse. Made with silica, coconut water, vanilla & walnut oil to hydrate & nourish the scalp, apple cider to detox, clarify, soothe & maintain a healthy pH level & sugar to gently exfoliate dry flaky scalp, remove dandruff & deep cleanse.

CONDITIONER: Made with coconut oil, alfalfa, chamomile, nettle, apple cider, olive & pumpkin oil, you can imagine why I’m obsessed with how soft & shiny it leaves my ends! My air-dried hair has never looked this good!

BODY WASH: it smells amazing, is all-natural, contains no foaming agents (so it won’t dry out the skin), great for sensitive skin & best of all, can be used all around the house from dishes to laundry to hair & body.

DRY BRUSH: I dry brush as soon as I get out of the shower while my skin is still damp. All I do is brush upwards in long sweeping motions (towards the heart) a few times in each area. It boosts lymphatic drainage & circulation, removes toxins, decongests pores, promotes elasticity & collagen, keeps skin young, reduces cellulite, exfoliates & removes dead skin & leaves skin glowy, soft & smooth.

COCONUT OIL: I’m NEVER buying shaving cream again! This coconut oil is gentle, soothing, moisturizing, smells amazing & leaves my skin soft & smooth. You can also use it as a moisturizer or hair mask (coco buns FTW)!

MOISTURIZER: Last step is always moisturizer! I tried the Truly Organic 24K shimmery body butter & I LOVE it! It’s rich, creamy, gives a perfect bronzed glow without being sparkly & made with ceramides, vitamin A, C, D & E to repair & nourish skin, 24K gold to restore elasticity & boost collagen, aloe, jojoba, coconut & willow.


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