Why You Have To Want Your Own Healing To Really Heal.

Why You Have To Want Your Own Healing To Really Heal.

Do you ever look back on your life, at a specific event that hurt you or that left a mark on you or do you ever just look at your life in general & think to yourself “WOW, how did I get through that?!”.

This happens to me all the time, sometimes in self-reflection & other times, it transpires in conversations with others.

My answer every time is that I made it through because I CHOSE to. No matter how bad others want it for you, you have to want your OWN healing for it to be successful. Nobody can force it upon you or make it happen for you. There’s no quick fix.

Do you know how long I waited before seeking help to recover from my anorexia?

How much anxiety I internalized until I came to terms with the fact that I have anxiety?

How long I procrastinated to see a grief counsellor to cope with the loss of my mom?

How hard it was for me to accept I was getting a divorce + that the so-called “blueprint” I created for myself was no longer “under construction”.
I waited WAY TOO LONG to cope with those realities because simply put, I wasn’t ready to heal.

Healing meant I had to FACE those things, work through & accept them.

A huge part of healing is self-acceptance & until I I accepted myself, in all my flaws, issues & all the things that hurt, burdened, guilted, enslaved me & brought me down, I could not truly heal.

We seek acceptance ALL THE TIME from others, friends, family & even strangers, so much that we forget the most important form of acceptance to seek is from ourself.

I healed myself by making peace with my broken pieces & accepting that while they don’t define me, they’re a part of what brought me to yesterday, today & to this exact moment.

I healed myself through the realization that I didn’t have to be, look & do everything with utmost perfection 24/7, 365 & I could still do good & be a good person without being perfect.

Healing isn’t easy. You need to be willing to work on yourself to get comfortable with who you are & what you’ve been through. Only you can do that for yourself.

So next time you find yourself seeking acceptance from someone else, ask yourself this question: MORE IMPORTANTLY, do I accept myself today?


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