On A Health Journey? Consistency Is Key!

On A Health Journey? Consistency Is Key!

If I had to sum up my health journey in one word, it would be: consistency.

Yes, you need motivation to start.

Yes, you need discipline on days where your motivation isn’t as strong.

Yes, you need commitment & dedication to realistic short-term goals.

BUT, truth is, you can have all the motivation, discipline & commitment in the world; if you don’t consistently practice the habits & you choose to do them sporadically or expect quick fixes & immediate results, they’ll never actually become a part of how you live everyday.

For me, the goal with living healthier was to turn habits that at first, seemed like chores, into a part of who I am & more importantly, into things I look forward to doing everyday.

Take this breakfast as just one example. Back in the day, I NEVER used to eat breakfast. I always said I didn’t have time, wasn’t hungry yet or was in a rush to get to the library. I always made excuses for myself. By 10am, I was so famished I could eat the light & low & behold, there I was at the caf, binging away on bagels, lox & cream cheese, chocolate chip muffins, protein bars, hummus & pita & oatmeal cookies. An hour later, I felt like crap, couldn’t focus, had brain fog & I felt exhausted by noon.

That’s where my advice comes in. On days where it’s harder to commit or be consistent, remind yourself why you started. I made it a point to have a full breakfast every AM because I know how it feels not to, to have a pit in my stomach while I sit in traffic & try to study in the library at the crack of dawn with no food in my system.

When you feel like just telling the new habits to peace out & when the alternative is easier, remind yourself why you STARTED. You don’t just decide to do something blindly. You decide to do it because there’s something you want to improve or change & you hope to add value to your life. Hold on to that. It helps beyond words!

As you practice consistency, slowly but surely, living healthier will no longer feel like a chore – it’ll become a part of who you are & there’s no better feeling!



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