My Back To School Tips To Stay On Track

My Back To School Tips To Stay On Track

The end of labour day weekend means back to school & work  for many of us & that means that inevitably, priorities shift (especially during exam period or crunch time / busy season at work) & it’s harder to commit to healthy eating & habits.

Here are some tips to stay on track:

Don’t skip breakfast: Wake up earlier or prep chia pudding or oats the night before so that you don’t rush out without eating in the AM; when you do, you get to school famished & you end up buying an unhealthy option at the cafeteria or drive through, that’ll make you feel sluggish & cause brain fog by lunch time; it’s best to start the day with the proper fuel to boost focus/concentration, give you sustained energy & an adequate amount of fibre to kickstart digestion!

Meal prep: If your program/job is demanding time-wise, meal prep on the weekend to take a load off your shoulders in the week & to reduce how many times you just order take-out because you’re too tired or lazy to cook after long days. It also facilitates packing healthy lunches/snacks for you/your kids!

Stock up on clean packaged snacks/make your own: it’s rare to find a perfect packaged snack but, some bars I love are Go Macro, Simply Protein, Raw Rev, Elemental Superfood, RooBar Raw; sometimes, we don’t have time to prep an snacks so having these in the car/purse comes in handy so you eat before you feel starving & stay energized.

Prep lunch the night before so there’s no excuse not to do it in the AM & don’t skip lunch: I used to skip lunch & by 3PM, I was on a never ending snacking binge until 10PM; take lunch with you, even if it’s just a simple & easy lunch & make sure to sit down & eat even just for 20 min. to prevent binging later.

Make time to get your body moving, at least 30 min. a day, even if it’s just a walk to get coffee on a study break!

Stay hydrated: Hydration is key to stay focused & avoid brain fog/dehydration headaches. Don’t let yourself get dehydrated because you’ll run the risk of mistaking dehydration for hunger & eating whatever is in sight, especially when distracted by studying.

Portion out snacks like nuts, dried fruit, seeds or healthier crackers/chips: If you’re eating while studying, it’s easy to get distracted + before you know it, the bag is gone! Be smart even about healthy snacks!



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