Intuitive Eating 101

Intuitive Eating 101
Before I was able to practice it, I felt so much pressure because it was so hard for me to grasp & understand what it actually meant. Before I get into it, I just want to put it out there that it doesn’t have to mean just one thing to everyone.
But one thing holds true, when I was trying & struggling to “eat intuitively” when I didn’t even know what it meant, I wish someone could’ve told me it simply means eating enough to satisfy PHYSICAL hunger.

Eating when we’re hungry isn’t what causes weight gain. We gain weight when our body has no need for food, but we eat anyway. Every body has a natural weight & to reach it, we must eat when we feel physically hungry & stop when our body had enough.

What does ENOUGH mean?

What I noticed in my rollercoaster relationship with food until I healed it is that we take more than enough food because we consciously or subconsciously believe we’ll never get enough of what we really want in life: things like, love, worth, happiness, relationships, passion, understanding. So, we compensate.

When I started eating to satisfy PHYSICAL hunger, I realized that having enough meant listening to my body’s signals & not using food as a mechanism to feed my mind or areas of my life that were lacking.

I now know that being full & having enough don’t always go hand in hand. We can have enough without being stuffed & that’s why it’s important to eat slowly & allow the feeling of satisfaction to register.

More importantly, we can NEVER get enough of what we don’t actually want. If what you truly want is acknowledgement from a spouse or from your boss, no food in the world will satisfy you, in the same way that if you want Fuzzy Peaches & you eat a peach instead, you’ll still want & even binge on gummies.

True satisfaction is achieved when the mind & body are engaged & work synergistically. When I stopped using food to feed the hungers & sadness of my heart, I saw the pleasure of eating exactly what my body wanted & began to focus on parts of my life I never noticed because all I thought about was how I’d starve myself or compensate or what I’d binge on. That’s how I said goodbye to restriction & binging.

This is what intuitive eating means to me!

What does it mean to you? Feel free to share in the comments!

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