Change The Way You Eat To Change The Way You Feel.

Change The Way You Eat To Change The Way You Feel.

Change the way you eat & it’ll change the way you feel… physically, emotionally, socially, mentally. The power of food is incomparable to ANYTHING. It’s the simplest & one of the most accessible resources on the planet yet so many of us don’t realize the value it can add to our lives.

I’m not telling you to remodel your fridge overnight because that’s unrealistic, but what I’m telling you is that wherever you are on the spectrum of what YOU define as “health”, there’s always room for a bit of improvement; even a little change can make a big difference!

Healthy living isn’t a race; it’s a marathon. Just like you wouldn’t go into a marathon expecting to win first place your first time around, the same applies for your health: you can’t expect to embark on a health journey, have it all figured out from day one & feel 100% better after 1 week. It takes a lot of hard work & consistency.

Here are some of my tips:

  • set realistic goals;
  • don’t set the bar too high;
  • don’t focus on what everyone else is doing;
  • stop comparing your life to everybody else’s;
  • commend yourself for baby steps & don’t let little setbacks take away from all the progress you made thus far;
  • be patient;
  • eat what you love & enjoy;
  • take care of your body;
  • do what makes you happy;
  • be open-minded, adventurous & ready to try new things
  • most importantly, take a few minutes everyday to think about how you feel: this will help you monitor your progress & see the impact the changes are having on your life; if they’re positively changing something, you’ll be more motivated to continue on the journey & if they aren’t, you’ll know which areas of your life you need to strive for better!

WE’RE ALL A WORK IN PROGRESS & despite what all the pressure around you seems to suggest, somebody else’s progress or success doesn’t take away from yours, just like others’ setbacks or weaknesses don’t make you better – know this & practice it! <3


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