Close Your Eyes, She Said; It Will Help, She Said & Why Our Eyes Deceive Us Just As Much As They Guide Us.

Close Your Eyes, She Said; It Will Help, She Said & Why Our Eyes Deceive Us Just As Much As They Guide Us.

Do you ever wish you could just close your eyes & make everything going on around you stop?

Make it go away & disappear forever?

This happens to me ALL THE TIME.

Life gets SO overwhelming with all the tasks, to-do lists, obstacles + responsibilities & sometimes, it’s so overwhelming I feel I’m about to crack.

While we can’t make duties, obligations + aspirations go away & we can’t always know what unexpected event life will throw at us, what we can do is adopt daily practices that make them more manageable.

Believe it or not, sometimes the simple act of just closing my eyes helps. It forces me to quiet my mind + disconnect, even momentarily, helps me zone out + re-ground myself when my perception is that everything around me is crumbling, even if it may not be as bad as it seems.

Our eyes decieve us just as much as they guide us, literally + figuratively. Sometimes, when we get overwhelmed, we see & perceive things as worse than they are. This is why it’s important to trust ourselves enough to allow healing, even in the quiet stillness of ourselves + our thoughts.

If you walked through a dark field, from the beginning of the road to the end with your eyes shut, you’d never know the danger you were in, if any & you wouldn’t perceive the situation as dangerous.

But, if you were to walk through that same field eyes wide open, you might perceive noises, objects or even just the darkness as threatening or dangerous simply because you can see it.

So, just like the same field could make you perceive fear or danger in 2 completely drastic ways, so could adding just a little bit of mindfulness to your life to help change your perception of stressful or anxious situations.

It sounds so simple yet so many of us have trouble disconnecting + being with ourselves + our thoughts.

Next time you feel overwhelmed, just try it. I promise, when you open your eyes, you’ll feel even just slightly better than before you closed them. I’m not the most zen person on this planet. Quite the opposite actually. But this helps me so much!



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