A Recap Of My Fave Recipes / Meal Ideas

A Recap Of My Fave Recipes / Meal Ideas

As promised, here’s a recap of my fave recipes + meal ideas, all of which you can find tons of inspiration for on the blog!

After living with anorexia for 2 years of my life (which seemed like an eternity), severely depriving myself of EVERYTHING I LOVED & healing myself through a commitment to a health journey, my mentality surrounding food is twofold: enjoyment + nourishment. I eat what I eat because I love & enjoy it + also because the food is nutrient-rich, makes me feel good & nourishes me from the inside out.

We eat many times a day to sustain ourselves & it’s only fitting that the way we eat bring positivity to our lives, in the present but also for the future. Prevention is key!

Through the creation of easy, simple, delicious + innovative recipes, my goal is to show you that eating healthy doesn’t have to be a burden, complex or boring. It doesn’t have to suck. You can make it fun by eating what you love + striving to live your healthiest + happiest life!

  • for things like smoothies, bowls + salads, I couldn’t pick just one because I eat them almost daily & I have so many different combos! If you use the search bar + look up “bowl”, “salad”, “smoothie” with terms to match what you’re in the mood for (kale/blueberry/vanilla/chocolate/avocado/collagen/protein/spinach/tempeh/chicken/tuna etc.), you’ll find many options!
  • most, if not all, my recipes can be modified to suit allergies or sensitivities, whether it be to make them nut, dairy, soy, grain, egg, gluten free or lower in sugar / higher in protein or fat, my belief is that when there’s a will, there’s a way – don’t be shy to reach out if you need help finding substitutes!
  • my hope is for this grid to help you get on track or get back on the healthy eating bandwagon after summer + just in time for back to work/school – if I can help even just a few of you, it would make me so happy.
  • btw, I’m always open to recipe suggestions, recommendations, constructive criticism, feedback + challenges to recreate some of your faves in a healthier way, so feel free to leave a note in the comments!


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