Why Health is Like Money & How The Power Of Food Is Twofold

Why Health is Like Money & How The Power Of Food Is Twofold

“Health is like money. We never know the true value of it until we lose it”.

It’s never too soon or too late to start working on being your healthiest YOU.

Your body is your safe place. One of the best ways to treat it that way + to PREVENT it from losing its ability to provide you with that safety is to nourish it with real food!

To me, healthy eating is a form of self-care + self-love.

Don’t wait until the problem shows up:

  • don’t want until your skin reacts to the processed food
  • don’t wait until the bloating becomes chronic
  • don’t wait until your hormones fly off the handle + adrenal fatigue happens
  • don’t wait until food becomes your worst enemy
  • don’t wait until the sugar addiction becomes a part of you
  • don’t wait until inflammation is your “normal”
  • don’t wait until the brain fog doesn’t go away
  • don’t wait until leaky gut syndrome plagues you
  • don’t wait until your energy levels deplete
  • don’t wait until your relationship with food gets destroyed beyond the point of a little slip-up
  • don’t wait until the vitamin, mineral + nutrient deficiencies kick in
  • don’t wait until your eczema comes back
  • don’t wait until your cholesterol levels skyrocket…

Don’t wait until any of these things happen – STOP THEM IN THEIR TRACKS.

The power of food is twofold. It can heal you but it can also hurt you.

It has the power to prevent + even REVERSE disease, but it can also cause it; the power is in your hands to give it the power you want over your body!


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