What’s In My Spice Drawer?

What’s In My Spice Drawer?

I bet you’re wondering… with all the spices I add to my recipes, what on earth does my spice drawer look like? RIGHT?! Well guess what, it’s your lucky day baby BECAUSE I’M ABOUT TO REVEAL IT STAT!

Most of the spices I use are by Simply Organic. All their spices are organic/non-GMO. In general, most spices are naturally gluten-free but they’re often processed in facilities that also manufacture gluten, so there’s always a risk for cross-contamination (if you have a gluten allergy, be mindful!). I LOVE this brand because quality is a main concern + the containers are sturdy + reusable!

Some of my faves: garlic powder/smoked paprika/cumin/minced onion/oregano/dried parsley/turmeric/ceylon cinnamon

I also keep my pure organic vanilla extract with my spices because I often use it with Ceylon cinnamon, so it’s easy when they’re close by & I don’t have to go fishing in every pantry when I need them. I always buy pure vanilla (not artificial) so that you’re not eating FAKE chemical ingredients. It’s my go-to to sweeten baked goods/oats/cashew cream/chia pudding; it contains only 1/5 sugar content of other healthy sweeteners (1 tsp. maple syrup=4-5g, while 1 tsp. vanilla=0.4-0.5g).

Nutritional yeast/vegan Parmesan is a HUGE staple for me. My fave vegan Parmesan blend is by EAT PARMA!  It’s made with nutritional yeast/walnuts/sunflower/pumpkin seeds/Himalayan salt. I use nutritional yeast in & on everything: veggies/salads/bowls/vegan burgers/pesto/marinades/crackers. Full of plant protein, gut-healing enzymes, B12 + energizing B-vitamins

MATCHA. MATCHA. MATCHA. Another pantry staple of mine! Make sure to always buy ceremonial-grade organic matcha, preferably from Japan + it should contain JUST matcha, NO sweeteners (ALSO, PRO TIP: tins/airtight packages prevent oxidation & preserve the matcha for longer.

Celtic/Himalayan sea salt + sea salt/dried herb blends by A. Vogel are also a MUST. If you still use table salt, THROW IT OUT; it’s processed, heated at high temperatures + so refined that it loses all nutrient/electrolyte content, contains bleach + anti-caking additives + absolutely NO NUTRITION.

Other essentials I like to keep stocked are:

  • A recent favourite brand is Fody Foods. They make  LOW FODMAP gut-friendly garlic/onion free lemon-herb/taco spice blends (& a bunch of others). What’s great about these spices is that you don’t need much more to add tons of flavour to a recipe so they’re great when you need to prep something quick + simple or you want a simple topping for a salad or bowl
  • Black/white sesame seeds for Asian-inspired dishes
  • Dried lemongrass sticks (I like the ones by Cha’s & love them in soups!)
  • Albert Menes dried chives + minced dried onion
  • Botanica Health golden milk blend (made with coconut/turmeric/vanilla/ashwagandha + perfect for warm turmeric lattes!)
  • Bragg’s dried-herb blend: nutritious, full of flavour + NO additives/preservatives

In my kitchen, SPICES ARE KEY & they really have the ability to bring recipes to a whole new level of delish with minimal ingredients!


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