Sprouted Bread-101 & Why It’s My Bread Of Choice!

Sprouted Bread-101 & Why It’s My Bread Of Choice!

Two years ago, I switched from regular to sprouted bread & in my opinion, this swap is a perfect example of how I thought I felt good until I made a change and felt better.

BTW, before I get into the benefits of sprouted bread over regular, I just want to let you guys know that I don’t have a gluten allergy. I simply don’t eat it much because I feel better this way. If you do have Celiac’s, even sprouted bread might be hard for you to digest because it still does contain gluten.

  • Regular bread contains phytic acid, an anti-nutrient + enzyme inhibitor, that binds to minerals. When we eat regular bread & it contains X amount of magnesium, most of it is bound up in phytic acid & our body doesn’t actually digest or absorb it. Anti-nutrients inhibit digestive enzymes + reduce iron, calcium + zinc absorption. The sprouting process kills phytic acid, unlocks nutrients + helps the body absorb them.
  • Sprouting makes gluten + protein more digestible because it pre-digests gluten (the sticky protein found in wheat that causes intestinal inflammation + has the potential to lead to leaky gut syndrome over time).
  • Sprouted grains are higher in fibre (+ more bio-available) + nutrients. Sprouting boosts crude fiber (a.k.a. the fiber found in the walls of plants) + when we consume it, it can’t be absorbed in the digestive tract so it helps push toxins out of the gut + keeps us regular.
  • Sprouted bread is similar to bread made with whole-grain flour + uses the entire grain vs. processed white flour (enriched with fake vitamins + minerals to make up for what’s lost during processing).
  • Sprouted bread contains many whole grains + legumes, so you get more nutrients + a complete protein source (all 9 essential amino acids).
  • Sprouting partially breaks down starch in grains + lowers carb content, making them lower glycemic + less likely to spike blood sugar.
  • Grains are naturally high in lectins, which have been linked to leaky gut, chronic inflammation + autoimmune disease. As a seed sprouts, the plant metabolizes lectins, lowering lectin content. Therefore, sprouted grains are more anti-inflammatory & better for gut health.
  • Sprouting increases antioxidant content, including vitamins C, E + beta-carotene
  • Sprouted grains contain less gluten, but if you have celiac disease/allergy to wheat, avoid or reduce sprouted, gluten-containing grains if that’s what makes you feel best!

My fave sprouted bread is Ezekiel sesame + original bread & you can find it at most health food stores.


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