Our #FridgeGoals & How I Incorporate More Fat & Protein To My Plant-Based Lifestyle

Our #FridgeGoals & How I Incorporate More Fat & Protein To My Plant-Based Lifestyle

This is what the fridge of a 50/50 plant-based & not plant-based family looks like!

Lots of fresh produce, free-run eggs, meal prep to stay on track for the week + essentials (bee pollen, probiotic shots, coconut water, Dijon mustard, salsa, hummus, pickles, dark chocolate, dried fruit, raw nuts, aloe Vera juice, chlorophyll, goat’s milk, balsamic glaze, granola + raw veggie wraps)

My transition to plant-based eating has been SO amazing + eye-opening! I already learned so much & it’s a continuous learning experience. This isn’t to say it comes without any difficulty at all but that’s okay because nothing worthwhile comes easy & I’m all for putting in the work if it means I feel my best!

Luckily, I’m not grossed out by prepping animal protein for my fam so they still get meal prep!

The biggest difficulty I encounter is getting enough protein + fat without having to eat massive quantities of food – the thing with plant-based foods is that they’re SO nutritious but you have to eat larger quantities to get the same fat + protein you’d get from a small piece of chicken!

Nuts, seeds, grains + avocado have become my best friends – they’re rich in protein, healthy anti-inflammatory fats but also contain vitamins + minerals often found in animal protein!

Instead of using vegan dark chocolate chips in my baking, I often use cacao nibs because they’re higher in fat + more nutritious!

Cashew cheese, almond + cashew creams, homemade nut + seed milks add fat to recipes, especially breakfasts (overnight oats, chia puddings, smoothies, baked treats)!

As for protein, I thankfully found a vegan protein powder I love but I don’t like to rely on it. I use Botanica Health perfect protein, made with brown rice, coconut, quinoa + vanilla. I incorporate it into smoothies, oats, chia pudding + baked/raw treats but I like to eat FOOD & choose not to depend on powders as my primary source of protein.

I reincorporated small amounts of non-GMO organic fermented soy products, mostly just tempeh though (I’m not really a tofu gal).

I take chlorella/spirulina daily (extra protein).


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