YOU Matter – What Does Healthy Living Mean To YOU?

YOU Matter – What Does Healthy Living Mean To YOU?

Healthy living has no meaning.

It has no label, no definition.

It’s not a rule book full of politics or guidelines. It doesn’t have to be clearly set out + defined.

Healthy living is simple: It has to make you feel HAPPY; it should be a vehicle through which you cultivate a sense of self-confidence & feel comfortable in your skin, clear in your mind + nourished in mind, body + spirit.

Who cares if doing keto works for her.
Who cares if you eat 3 fruit in 1 day. 
Who cares if you indulge a few times a week.
Who cares if you feel best eating meat + fish 3x a week.
Who cares if going dairy-free makes her acne fade & if cutting gluten made his bloat go away.
Who cares if you eat 6 small meals a day & your sister eats 3 large ones.
Who cares if she takes collagen for her skin & you feel you don’t need it.
Who cares if she swears by bulletproof but you can’t stomach it.
Who cares if going plant-based makes your neighbour feel best.
Who cares if he exercises 2x a day & you do 3x a week.
Who cares if she cut sugar & feels better.



That’s what matters. Nobody & I mean nobody, knows your body better than you. If we all stopped being so preoccupied & enthralled with what others are showing, eating, doing, saying & feeling, we’d stop feeling so lost & confused. We’d heal the overwhelming-ness & be able to focus on being in tune with OUR bodies & not Joe’s or Sally’s.


It’s time to figure out what healthy living means to YOU, listen to YOUR body, eat what YOU want & not what you THINK you should eat because everyone else is doing it & feel YOUR best.

Let’s shift the focus away from labels, scales, diets, titles, definitions, measurements, weight, counting & comparison & place it on FEELINGS: happy, healthy, strong, alive, stable, energized, determined, social & excited about life & all the beautiful things it has to offer.

What does health mean to you?

P.S. this breaky was bomb: toast with cashew butter, organic dried figs, strawberries + cinnamon!! Try it & let me know if you do! xx


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