Why You Don’t Have To Give Up The Foods You Love To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Why You Don’t Have To Give Up The Foods You Love To Live A Healthier Lifestyle
You don’t have to give up the foods you LOVE if you choose to live a healthier lifestyle.

Yep, you read right.

You don’t have to give up what you love & in fact, doing so can actually be counter-productive long-term & lead to unhealthy behaviours & falling into vicious cycles, such as: binging, purging, restriction & yo-yo diets, to name a few.
When I began my health journey, chocolate & cheese were two of the foods I told myself I would never completely give up. A couple years later, I’m happy to say I found healthier alternatives for both in my diet & believe it or not, I no longer crave the unhealthier ones!

It’s all about exposing your body + mind to new foods & staying committed to making healthy changes, slowly, progressively but surely!

I don’t believe making a commitment to healthy eating should be equated with giving up the things you love. When you do, you open the door to resentment & it’s hard to be motivated to live healthier because you associate it with deprivation & restriction as opposed to adventure, trying new foods + finding balance.

Finding healthy alternatives is key because it gives you the best of both worlds:

  • you still get to stay on track
  • you get to eat what you love
  • you don’t suppress cravings to the point where you burst & start a binge & diet cycle, that in my experience, feels like it has no end.

Here’s how the cycle goes:

  • You crave.
  • You suppress.
  • You burst.
  • You binge + purge.
  • You restrict, starve & feel horrible.
  • You start a diet. It works for 2 weeks.
  • You plateau.
  • You restrict again.
  • You crave + suppress.
  • ▪️You binge AGAIN.

Take it from me when I say that this cycle is NOT A LIFE. You deserve better.

Instead of putting an “X” on chocolate, candy, chips + cheese:

  • go for dark chocolate, raw cacao powder, vegan chocolate, chocolate protein powders, homemade chocolate fudge/cookies
  • go for grass-fed organic dairy or buy or make your own dairy-free cheeses or yogurts with nuts
    make healthy sweets at home with REAL natural sugar, buy cleaner versions of faves or portion out the ones you LOVE if you know that you have the self-control to eat them in moderation
  • make kale/zucchini chips, buy healthy store-bought chip or popcorn with less table salt/hydrogenated oils

And… TREAT YO’SELF EVERY NOW + THEN! Just like 1 workout won’t give you a 6-pack, one treat won’t ruin all your hard work thus far!


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