Skin, Skin, Skin & Why It’s Not Only About Your Skincare Routine!

Skin, Skin, Skin & Why It’s Not Only About Your Skincare Routine!


 A good quality skincare routine is valuable + key to a clear complexion, radiant glow & healthy skin.

But reality is, the best formula for healthy skin is at our fingertips: taking care of our health, nourishing our body with whole foods + getting to the root of underlying issues.

Our skin is our largest organ in our body & a direct reflection of what’s going on INSIDE.

A healthy outside truly starts on the inside & this holds true for all aspects of health.

Your GUT is your gateway to health.

Your body detoxifies itself through your LIVER.

So it’s no secret that both your gut & liver should be your top PRIORITY when it comes to healing you from the inside out!

  • are your body’s detoxification organs functioning properly?
  • are you sleeping enough or stressed?
  • is your gut healthy?
  • are your hormones out of whack?
  • are you using medication/creams that only provide a bandaid?

Our body functions in a way like a machine but what goes in isn’t always what comes out. Our health is dependant on how efficiently we support & nourish our body’s natural detoxification process by eating right + limiting exposure to toxins.

If not, our organs suffer from toxic overload, have no time to repair & harmful substances circulate in our bodies! When we focus on the health of our body’s detoxification system, the less energy it has to expend to fight bacteria.

So, what can you do to heal your skin permanently?

  • hydration
  • antioxidants
  • essential fatty acids fight inflammation, boost moisture + hydration
  • avoid skin antagonists (these are different for everyone, but some examples include: gluten, soy, dairy, refined grains + sugars, caffeine, alcohol, processed food, hydrogenated oils: these foods cause spikes in insulin + cause sugars to attach to proteins in collagen & make skin wrinkle and sag
  • anti-inflammatory food + low-glycemic carbs
  • oatmeal: fights bacteria/reduces irritation/boosts antioxidants
  • collagen/vitamin C/hyaluronic acid/amino acids + food rich in vitamin E, protein, zinc, B12 + selenium
  • greens (matcha/collagen/spirulina/moringa)
  • probiotics + fermented foods: gut-healing
  • milk thistle: boosts liver health
  • PATIENCE! The more you stress about it, the more the stress affects hormones + skin

For my full post all about how to eat for glowy skin, click here.



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